I am actually very passionate about robotics, and I am lucky enough to work on the field I love. However I do have some other interests.

For quite a while I was very serious about photography. Over the years, as I became more and more busy, it became difficult keeping the expensive equipment up-to-date and carrying the heavy stuff during my trips. Nevertheless I still play with photography here and there (mostly with my smartphone now).

Below you will find some examples of my photography work.

During my trips I also ended up playing a lot with architectural photos, and I am fond of some of my shots.

Once in a while I find some spare time to play with my Wacom tablet. I like drawing and doing digital collages.

Since my adolescence I wanted to be a pilot -- I never actually wanted to be a professional pilot, but I wanted to be able to fly airplanes for fun! Only recently I managed to fulfill this dream.